Game Day Club Volunteer Positions 

Club Leader

Oversee and lead the FP Game Day club for a partner elementary school.  Responsible for administration for club and to keep the club on time and in order. The Club Leader can also be in any of the other club positions. Administrative responsibilities can be delegated as needed.

Fun Squad Coach

They are responsible for overseeing the games and fun for the club using the equipment provided by Game Day.  They would also be prepared to lead fun and creative indoor activities when outdoor play is not possible.

Curriculum Coach

Responsible for teaching the Character Value and Bible lesson, Memory Verse and Gospel presentation in a fun and engaging manner.  

Grade Coach

Responsible for being the volunteer in charge of a grade. This would entail greeting students at the beginning of the club and checking them in as well as being active with them during club and through dismissal time.  They would also gather any prayer requests from the kids and forward them on to the Prayer Coordinator at the end of the club.

Snack Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating snacks each week.  The Snack Coordinator can also be any of the other club positions.

Prayer Coordinator

Responsible for gathering prayer requests from club volunteers each week and passing them on to other prayer partners and local church prayer partners.  All prayer requests are also forwarded to the club leader. The prayer coordinator can also be any of the other club positions.