The mission of FP Game Day is to connect with the church to reach every 3rd-5th grade student on every public school campus with the hope of Christ through a Game Day club.





  • Gospel Focused

  • Local Church Engaged

  • Strategy Based

  • Exciting Environment


   G.O.T.  P.E.A.C.E. 

  • Gospel– We share the good news of Jesus because this is our First Priority.
  • Ownership– This club is local church owned and operated. This is our gospel reach onto our local campus.
  • Team– We are part of a team. We rise or fall together. 
  • Prayer– Through prayer, the power of God is unleashed to change us, our students, and our campus. 
  • Excellence– We serve where God has gifted us, doing the right things in the right way. 
  • Accountable– We are accountable to our students, churches, schools, and Christian peers. We are people of humility and integrity.
  • Church– We are committed to the local church. We want to see students get connected beyond our club to the local church.
  • Enthusiasm We are passionate and excited about serving Christ on campus. Nothing is more important than reaching children with the gospel.